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Family Law

Uncontested Divorce - Call to find about our Flat Fee

I think my divorce will be uncontested. What do I do next?

Call today to make an appointment for consultation. After that, we will evaluate any potential conflicts of interest and the particulars of the divorce procedure in the county where you live. At the consultation, you will receive a brief overview of how you might expect your case to go in light of the facts and circumstances you provide. 

What is involved in the uncontested divorce process?

We will draft all of the documents to complete the divorce. The court action begins when we submit a Petition for Dissolution. At that point, there is a mandatory 20-day waiting period (60 days if the parties have minor children) before the Court can take the rest of the proof required to enter the divorce Decree. During the waiting period, we draft a Settlement Agreement. In most cases, after you and your spouse sign these documents, we submit them to the Court and simply await the Judge’s signature to finalize the divorce. 

What if my spouse and I agree on everything?
The law allows you to represent yourself. However, even the simples divorces require knowledge of the procedural rules. Remember, what you don't know can hurt you. Your spouse does not have to retain an attorney. If not, then we talk with them directly. However, they may choose to retain their own counsel at any point in the proceeding. We cannot represent both you and your spouse. It is not ethical to do so. 
Do I have to go to court?
Uncontested divorce cases usually do not require a court appearance.
I have no idea where my spouse is. Can I still get a divorce?
Kentucky Civil Procedure provides a means for the Court to obtain jurisdiction over your spouse in certain situations. The facts of your case will be discussed at your consultation and you will be advised on this matter. 
Contested Divorce - Call to find out if your case qualifies for our Flat Fee
Most divorces are contested. As such, you need a lawyer to advise you from the outset as to your rights in the divorce and how to protect them. Call today to make an appointment for a consultation. We will obtain detailed information about your case and provide a brief opinion as to what to expect if you move forward with divorce. If you have already been served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, DO NOT WAIT, seek legal advice immediately as you may be under a time constraint. Failure to respond to the Petition could cause you to forfeit your interest.