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Call Today!
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Slip, Trip & Fall

Premises Liability
     Referred to among lawyers as "premises liability" cases, this type of accident can cause serious injury or even death. Bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, brain injury, knee injury, and soft tissue injury are only a few of the possible consequences when owner of the premises is negligent. Common causes of slip and fall accidents are transitions in flooring surfaces, slick floors, snow and ice, uneven surface, imporperly maintained stairways, and potholes. 
What to do if you are injured in a slip and fall accident: 
     1. Call Katherine M. Adams, PLLC (606) 506-5049
     2. If you are injured and need medical attention see a healthcare provider
     3. Do not give the insurance company a recorded statement
    4. Preserve as much evidence as you can
    5. Stay off Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social media